About us

Driven by nostalgia for our former livelihood as market gardeners we, Bert and Ada van der Meer, experienced growers and partners in life, established MEER FLOWER POUCHES in 2014.
Nostalgia for the dynamics of sowing, planting, growth and florescence, for plant care and working with our hands, for keeping up with the seasons and for the joy in making people happy with flowers.

In 2008 we sold our market garden. Market gardening is not just a trade, it is a way of life. Growing flowers, vegetables or fruit requires unremitting care and attention, whereas we wanted elbow-room for new experiences. We explored in all sincerity what suited us, what made our hearts beat faster, and we both found work we liked …….. , until we could no longer ignore our itching green hands.


A Meer Flower Pouch is an air-conducting bag, filled with fully grown and blooming flowers,
firmly rooted in fertile potting soil.

Flowers of first-rate quality grown by ourselves, always with an eye for the natural process of growth and tested for their suitability for growth and flowering in a pouch.

Potting soil enriched by us with a fertiliser that is released slowly, thus making additional fertilising unnecessary.

A smart watering pipe which ensures equal water distribution throughout the pouch.
In brief: a small Westland-made bag with a wealth of flowers for the outer walls of your house, garden, balcony, garage or shed. From February until November, and sometimes even year-round, provided it is hung in a sheltered, frost-proof spot!

We considered growing vegetables, flowers. In the end it was flower pouches, small bags filled with a wealth of flowers. After a modest start in a small nursery bordering on ‘s-Gravenzande, we are now the proud and grateful owners of a full-grown, flourishing and healthy business!


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